Holy Week

Holy Week

Our 2018 Holy Week series is a part of our larger series on Mark, the Urgency of the Gospel.  Mark's Gospel has a sense of urgency to it; that this news about Jesus is important to our lives today.  During Holy Week, we are setting aside time to really reflect on who Jesus is and why he came.  As he makes his way to the Temple in Jerusalem, people's expectations of militaristic action meet Jesus' intention of spiritual rebirth (Palm Sunday), leading to a new understanding of the Passover sacrifice (Maundy Thursday/Good Friday) and the truth and efficacy of his nature and mission proven in the resurrection (Easter). 

Come join us for worship:

Sunday, March 25 - Palm Sunday - contemporary worship, 8:30 am; traditional hymns, 9:45 am; and contemporary worship, 11:00 am.

Friday, March 30 - Good Friday - 7:00 pm

Sunday, April 1 - Resurrection Sunday - 8:30 am & 9:45 am, traditional hymns; and 11 am, contemporary worship.

Believe it or Not Dave Banfield Mark 16:1-8 04/01/2018