Matt & Kristin Odland

Matt & Kristin Odland

United States

The Odland’s have attended Bethel for over 3 years now. Matt and Kristin work full-time with "Cru" (formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ) in southern Minnesota. Cru is an interdenominational Christian organization that serves as a spiritual resource to college students. The staff in Mankato work with students from MN State University Mankato, South Central College, Gustavus, and Southwest Minnesota State University.

Matt grew up in Alexandria, MN, and attended Augustana College in Sioux Falls. While there, he got involved with Campus Crusade and experienced genuine Christian community for the first time. After graduation, Matt attended seminary for a year, then returned to Sioux Falls to spend 2 years as an intern with Cru.

Kristin grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and attended the University of Iowa. She also got involved with Cru, where she was challenged to grow in her faith in new ways. After graduation, Kristin spent a year interning with Crusade in Iowa, then 2 years in Brazil.

Matt and Kristin were married in January, 2009, and moved to Mankato in the fall of 2010.  They have three children.  The Odland’s see great value in college ministry.  “College is a huge turning point for most people.  It is the first time that students are spending significant time away from their families and it is typically the time that they decide what they want to believe.  It's crucial for Christians to be on campus to offer Jesus to these young people who are searching for truth.”  Matt and Kristin spend a lot of their time mentoring students who are in leadership positions with Cru. Kristin also focuses on Bridges, a resource program to international students.

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